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The status bar of the Syncro SVN Client window displays important details of the current status of the application. This information is available only in the Working Copy view.

Figure 1. Status bar

The status bar is composed of the following areas:

  • The path of the currently processed file from the current working copy (during an operation such as Check out or Synchronize) or the result of the last operation.
  • The current status of the following working copy options:
    • Show ignored files ().
    • Show deleted files ().
    • Process svn:externals definitions ().
    The options for ignored and deleted files are switched on and off from the Settings menu of the Working Copy panel:
  • The format of the currently loaded working copy.
  • The current numbers of incoming changes (), outgoing changes () and conflicting changes ().
  • A progress bar for the currently running SVN operation and a button () that allows you to stop it.