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To configure the SSH options, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Connection settings > SSH. The following options are available:


Specifies the command line for an external SSH client that will be used when connecting to a SVN+SSH repository. Absolute paths are recommended for the SSH client executable and the file paths given as arguments (if any). Depending on the SSH client used and your SSH server configuration, you may need to specify the user name and/or private key/passphrase in the command line. You can also choose whether to use the Default SVN user (the same user name as the SSH client user) or Prompt for a SVN user for SVN repository operations whenever SVN authentication is required. For example, on Windows the following command line uses the plink.exe tool as the external SSH client for connecting to the SVN repository with SVN+SSH:

C:\plink-install-folder\plink.exe -l username -pw password -ssh -batch host_name_or_IP_address_of_SVN_server