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Oxygen XML Developer uses the Hunspell engine for the spell checking feature. The Hunspell spell checking engine is open source and has an LGPL license. It is designed for languages with rich morphology and complex compounding or character encoding. Each language-country variant combination have their own specific dictionaries. Oxygen XML Developer includes the following built-in dictionaries for the spell checker:

  • English (US) [en_US]
  • English (UK) [en_GB]
  • French [fr]
  • German [de_DE]
  • Spanish [es_ES]

Other Hunspell Dictionaries

You can also download Hunspell dictionaries for other languages and add them to the Oxygen XML Developer spell checker. An example of a website that includes numerous dictionary files is: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/dictionary.

If you cannot find a Hunspell dictionary that is already built for your language, you can build the dictionary you need. To build a full Hunspell dictionary, follow these instructions and then add the dictionary to the Oxygen XML Developer spell checker by following this procedure.

Personalized Term Lists

Authoring in certain areas of expertise (for example, the pharmaceutical or automobile industries) might require the use of specific terms that are not part of the standard spell checker dictionary. To avoid marking these terms as errors, Oxygen XML Developer provides a way of adding personalized term lists to the spell check engine. This involves creating a term list file that the spell checker will recognize and it is similar to the file Oxygen XML Developer uses for storing learned words.

The term list files are specific for each language and can be specific to each domain or area of expertise (for example, legal, medical, automotive). They can also be used to control forbidden words.