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While you are working with the SVN Client you often need to know which files you have changed, added, removed, or renamed, or even which files got changed and committed by others. This is where the Synchronize action from the Working Copy view comes in handy. The Working Copy view shows you every file that has changed your working copy, as well as any unversioned files you may have.

If you want more detailed information about a given resource, you can use the Show SVN Information action. This action is available from the File menu or the contextual menu of the Working Copy, Repositories, History, or Directory Change Set views, or from the Revision Graph dialog box. The SVN Information dialog box will be displayed, showing information about the selected resource. The information displayed depends on the location of the item (local or remote) and may include the following:

  • Local path and repository location
  • Revision number
  • Last change author, revision and date
  • Information about locks
  • Local file status
  • Local properties status
  • Local directory depth
  • Repository location and revision number for copied files or directories
  • Path information about locally moved items
  • Path information about conflict generated files
  • Remote file status
  • Remote properties status
  • File size and other information

The value of a property of the resource displayed in the dialog box can be copied by right-clicking the property and selecting the Copy action.