Edit online

To perform a search in the edits of your resources, open the Open/Find Resource dialog box (from the Find menu or with Ctrl + Shift + R (Command + Shift + R on OS X)) or the Open/Find Resource view (by default, located on the left side of the editor), select the In reviews option, and in the search field enter the terms that you want to search for.

The following options are available:
  • Type - Specifies whether you want to search for content in comments, tracked change insertions/deletions, or highlighted content.
  • Author - Displays all the authors of the edits in your resources. The authors are collected when indexing. You can set a specific author for your search or search all of them.
  • Time- Specifies the time when the edits that you are searching through were created.
Both the view and the dialog box display the edits that contain the search results and their parent topics along with a short description. To hide this description, go to Settings and deselect the Show Description option.