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The Outline view for Schematron schemas presents a list of components in a tree-like structure and it allows for quick access to a component by name. By default, it is displayed on the left side of the editor. If the view is not displayed, it can be opened by selecting it from the Window > Show View menu.

Figure 1. Schematron Outline View

The following actions are available in the Settings menu on the Outline view toolbar:

Filter returns exact matches
The text filter of the Outline view returns only exact matches.
Selection update on cursor move
Controls the synchronization between Outline view and source document. The selection in the Outline view can be synchronized with the cursor moves or the changes in the editor. Selecting one of the components from the Outline view also selects the corresponding item in the source document.
Flat presentation mode of the filtered results
When active, the application flattens the filtered result elements to a single level.
Show comments and processing instructions
Show/hide comments and processing instructions in the Outline view.
Show element name
Show/hide element name.
Show text
Show/hide additional text content for the displayed elements.
Show attributes
Show/hide attribute values for the displayed elements. The displayed attribute values can be changed from the Outline preferences panel.
Configure displayed attributes
Displays the XML Structured Outline preferences page.

The following contextual menu actions are also available in the Outline view:

Append Child
Displays a list of elements that you can insert as children of the current element.
Insert Before
Displays a list of elements that you can insert as siblings of the current element, before the current element.
Insert After
Displays a list of elements that you can insert as siblings of the current element, after the current element.
Edit Attributes
Opens a dialog box that allows you to edit the attributes of the currently selected component.
Toggle Comment
Comments/uncomments the currently selected element.
Cuts the currently selected component.
Copies the currently selected component.
Deletes the currently selected component.
Expand More
Expands the structure of a component in the Outline view.
Collapse All
Collapses the structure of all the component in the Outline view.

The upper part of the Outline view contains a filter box that allows you to focus on the relevant components. Type a text fragment in the filter box and only the components that match it are presented. For advanced usage you can use wildcard characters (such as * or ?) and separate multiple patterns with commas.