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Certain types of archives can be converted to DITA or TEI. For example, OOXML (Office Open XML) archive files with the DOCX file extension can be migrated to DITA or TEI.

To migrate DOCX files to DITA or TEI, follow these steps:

  1. Open and expand the archive in the Archive Browser.
  2. Open the document.xml file contained in the archive.
  3. Run one of the following built-in transformation scenarios:
    1. DOCX DITA to migrate to DITA.
    2. DOCX TEI P5 to migrate to TEI.
  4. You may need to do some manual reconfiguring to map DOCX styles to DITA or TEI content.
    Tip: Oxygen XML Developer also includes a built-in transformation scenario called ODT TEI P5 for converting ODF archive files with the ODT file extension to TEI and a similar process can be used to migrate ODT files to TEI.