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Oxygen XML Developer includes some unique features that allow you to easily integrate Markdown documents in a DITA project. This is especially helpful for teams that have contributors who are familiar with the Markdown syntax, but they want their output to be generated from DITA projects. The integration between the Markdown editor and DITA includes actions to export or convert Markdown documents to DITA topics and the DITA tab in the Preview pane provides a visualization of how the DITA topic will look after conversion. Likewise, the XDITA tab in the Preview pane provides a visualization of how a Lightweight DITA topic will look after conversion. Keys that are defined in the root map are also resolved in the Preview pane.

Export Markdown as a DITA Topic

The Markdown editor includes an option to quickly convert the current Markdown document into a DITA topic. The Export as DITA Topic action is available in the contextual menu.

The conversion creates a new XML file that is defined as a DITA topic and opens it in the Text editing mode. You can then work with the document as you would with any other DITA topic, although you may need to manually correct some issues where the parser could not properly map Markdown syntax to DITA markup.

Tip: Oxygen XML Developer comes with a sample ditamap project for converting Markdown to DITA. Go to the Project view, open the sample.xpr project, and navigate to the dita/markdown-dita folder.

Converting Multiple Markdown Documents to DITA

Oxygen XML Developer offers an add-on that contributes actions in the Tools menu and contextual menu to enable batch conversion between various formats, including Markdown to DITA. For more information and instructions for installing the add-on, see Batch Converter Add-on.