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A Well-formed JSON document is a sequence of Unicode code points that strictly conforms to the JSON grammar defined by the JSON Data Interchange Syntax specification. By default, Oxygen XML Developer automatically checks the document for Well-formedness as you type.

Check for Well-Formedness Manually

To manually check documents for Well-Formedness:
  • Select the Check Well-Formedness (Ctrl + Shift + W (Command + Shift + W on OS X)) action from the Validation drop-down menu on the toolbar or from the Document > Validate menu.
  • A selection of files can be checked for well-formedness by selecting the Check Well-Formedness action from the Validate submenu when invoking the contextual menu in the Project view.

Result: If any errors are found, the result is displayed in the message panel at the bottom of the editor. Each error is displayed as one record in the result list and is accompanied by an error message. Clicking the record will open the document containing the error and highlight its approximate location.

Example: A non Well-formed JSON Document
{"person": { "name": "John Doe" }
This would result in the following error:
Expected a ',' or '}'

To resolve the error, click the record in the result list and it will locate and highlight the approximate position of the error. In this case, you would need to identify where the missing end bracket needs to be placed.