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This installation method can be used for running the TCP license server on any platform where a Java virtual machine can run (OS X, Linux/Unix, Windows).

Figure 1. TCP Floating License Server (All-Platforms Distribution)

Installation Steps

  1. Ensure that a Java runtime version 6 or later is installed on the server machine.
  2. Download the license server installation kit for your platform from the Oxygen XML Developer website.
  3. Unzip the installation kit into a new folder.
  4. Start the server using the startup script from a command-line console.
    The startup script is called licenseServer.sh for OS X and Unix/Linux or licenseServer.bat for Windows. The following parameters are accepted:
    • licenseDir - The path of the directory where the license files will be placed. The default value is license.
    • port - The TCP port number used to communicate with Oxygen XML Developer instances. The default value is 12346.
    Example: The following is an example of the command line for starting the license server on Unix/Linux and OS X:
    sh licenseServer.sh myLicenseDir 54321
  5. Floating licenses require activation prior to use. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the license activation process.