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In Apache Subversion, both files and directories are versioned and have a history. If you want to examine the history for a selected resource and find out what happened at a certain revision you can use the History view that can be accessed from Repositories view, Working Copy view, Revision Graph, or Directory Change Set view. From the Working copy view you can display the history of local versioned resources. If the view is not displayed, it can be opened by selecting it from the Window > Show View menu.

The view consists of four distinct areas:
  • The table showing details about each revision, such as revision number, commit date and time, number of changes (more details available in the tooltip), author's name, and a fragment of the commit message.

    Some revisions may be highlighted to emphasize:
    • The current revision of the resource that has the history displayed - a bold font revision.
    • The last revision where the content or properties of the resource were modified - blue font revision.
      Note: Both font highlights may be applied for the same revision.
  • The complete commit message for the selected revision.
  • A tree structure showing the folders where the modified resources are located. You can compress this structure to a more compact form that focuses on the folders that contain the actual modifications.
  • The list of resources modified in the selected revision. For each resource, the type of action done against it is marked with one of the following symbols:
    • - A newly created resource.
    • - A newly created resource, copied from another repository location.
    • - The content/properties of the resource were modified.
    • - Resource was replaced in the repository.
    • - Resource was deleted from the repository.
Figure 1. History View

You can group revisions in predefined time frames (today, yesterday, this week, this month), by pressing the Group by date button from the toolbar.