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One way to customize the PDF output generated by the DITA Map PDF - based on XSL-FO transformation scenario is to create a dedicated folder to store customized files. With this approach, you will copy the contents of the built-in customization directory to a new directory where you can customize the files according to your needs and reference the new directory using the customization.dir parameter in the transformation scenario. The biggest advantage of this method is that the contents of your customization directory will remain unaffected when the DITA-OT is upgraded.

How to Create a Customization Directory

Follow this procedure to create a customization directory:

  1. Copy all the entire DITA-OT-DIR\plugins\org.dita.pdf2\Customization directory to another location where you have write access.
  2. Modify any of the files in whatever way necessary to achieve your specific goal. For inspiration, see Embedding a Company Logo for a specific example of how you can modify contents of the directory to embed a logo in the output.
    Tip: For other specific examples, see DITA-OT Documentation - PDF Customization Plugin.
  3. Edit the DITA Map PDF - based on XSL-FO transformation scenario, go to the Parameters tab, and set the customization.dir parameter to point to the location of your customization directory.