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The context node is valid only for XSLT debugging sessions and is a source node corresponding to the XSL expression that is evaluated. It is also called the context of execution. The context node implicitly changes as the processor hits various steps (at the point where XPath expressions are evaluated). This node has the same value as evaluating '.' (dot) XPath expression in XWatch view. The value of the context node is presented as a tree in the Context view. If the view is not displayed, it can be opened by selecting it from the Window > Show View menu.

Figure 1. Context node view

The context nodes are presented in a tree-like fashion. Nodes from a defined namespace bound to a prefix are displayed using the qualified name. If the namespace is not bound to a prefix, the namespace URI is presented before the node name. The value of the selected attribute or node is displayed in the right side panel. The Context view also presents the current mode of the XSLT processor if this mode differs from the default one.

The title bar displays the current element index and the number of elements that compose the current context (this information is not available if you choose Xalan or Saxon 6 as processing engine).