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To create a branch or tag by copying a directory, use the Branch/Tag action that is available in the Tools menu when an item is selected in the Working Copy view or Repositories view, or from the contextual menu of the Repositories view.

Figure 1. Branch/Tag Dialog Box

You can configure the following options in this dialog box:

You can specify the source revision of the copy in the Copy from section. You can choose between the following options:
  • HEAD revision in the repository - The new branch or tag will be copied in the repository from the HEAD revision. The branch will be created very quickly, as the repository will make a cheap copy.
  • Specific revision in the repository - The new branch will be copied into the repository, but you can specify the exact desired revision. For example, this is useful if you forgot to make a branch or tag when you released your application. If you click the History button you can select the revision number from the History dialog box. This type of branch will also be created very quickly.
  • Working copy - (Available only if the item is selected from the Working copy view). The new branch will be a copy of your local working copy. If you have updated some files to an older revision in your working copy, or if you have made local changes, that is exactly what goes into the copy. This involves transferring some data from your working copy back to the repository, or more specifically, the locally modified files.
You can specify the location of the new branch or tag in the Destination section:
  • Into repository's directory - The URL of the parent directory of the new branch or tag.
    Note: Peg revisions have no effect for this operation since it is used to send information to the repository.
  • Under the name - You can specify another branch or tag name other than the name of the resource selected in the Repositories or Working copy view.

The new branch or tag will be created as a child of the specified URL of the repository directory and will have the new name.