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Oxygen XML Developer includes an Auto Recover feature to help prevent losing unsaved content if you encounter an application or system crash. The feature is enabled by default and it automatically saves documents you are working on to a specified auto-recover file location. At every specified interval, all documents that have been modified since the last auto-save are saved to the specified location.

This feature is controlled by two options in the Save preferences page. You can disable it, or configure how often content is saved by selecting the desired value in the drop-down list of the Save auto-recover information every option, and you can specify the location of the saved documents in the Auto-recover file location option.

In the event of an application or system crash, when you restart the application, Oxygen XML Developer looks for an auto-recover file for each document that was open when the editing session was last saved (by the application). If any auto-recover files are found, a dialog box is displayed with options for how to handle the auto-recovered information. If a previously opened file was not restored from the previous editing session, re-opening the file will also trigger this dialog box.

Figure 1. Auto Recover Dialog Box
The dialog box offers the following choices:
  • Open recovered content in a new tab - Opens the recovered document in a new tab.
    Tip: You can use the Compare Files tool (available in the Tools menu) to compare the recovered content with the last saved version of the document.
  • Replace current file content with recovered content - Replaces the content of the last saved version of the document with the content of the recovered version of the document and removes the auto-recover file from disk.
  • Use current file content and discard recovered content - Discards the recovered document and retains the last saved version of the document.
Notes About the Auto-Recover Feature: