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XQuery execution is possible in a BaseX connection through an XQJ connection.
Important: The XQJ connector is only capable of running XQuery 1.0 scrips, therefore XQuery 3.0 and 3.1 scripts are not supported.

BaseX XQJ Data Source

First of all, create an XQJ data source as described in How to Configure an XQJ Data Source. The BaseX XQJ API-specific files that must be added in the configuration dialog box are xqj-api-1.0.jar, xqj2-0.1.0.jar and basex-xqj-1.2.3.jar (the version names of the JAR file may differ). These libraries can be downloaded from xqj.net/basex/basex-xqj-1.2.3.zip. As an alternative, you can also find the libraries in the BaseX installation directory, in the lib sub-directory.

BaseX XQJ Connection

The next step is to create an XQJ connection.

For a default BaseX configuration, the following connection details apply (you can modify them when necessary):

  • Port: 1984
  • serverName: localhost
  • user: admin
  • password: admin

XQuery Execution

Now that the XQJ connection is configured, open the XQuery file you want to execute in Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin and create an XQuery Transformation. In the Transformer drop-down menu, select the name of the XQJ connection you created. Apply the transformation scenario and the XQuery will be executed.