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This type of transformation specifies the transform parameters and location of an XQuery file that is applied to the edited XML document.

Use the XML transformation with XQuery scenario to apply a transformation to have an XQuery file query an XML file for the output results.

To create an XML transformation with XQuery scenario, use one of the following methods:
  • Use the Configure Transformation Scenario(s) (Alt + Shift + T, C (Command + Alt + T, C on OS X)) action from the toolbar or the XML menu. Then click the New button and select XML transformation with XQuery.
  • Go to Window > Show View and select Transformation Scenarios to display this view. Click the New Scenario drop-down menu button and select XML transformation with XQuery.

Both methods open the New Scenario dialog box.

The upper part of the dialog box allows you to specify the Name of the transformation scenario.

The lower part of the dialog box contains several tabs that allow you to configure the options that control the transformation.