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Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin includes numerous shortcut actions to help you edit content in the Text editing mode.

Undo/Redo Actions

The typical undo and redo actions are available with shortcuts or in the Edit menu:

Undo (Ctrl + Z (Command + Z on OS X))
Reverses a maximum of 200 editing actions to return to the preceding state.
Note: Complex operations such as Replace All or Indent selection count as single undo events.
Redo (Ctrl + Y (Command + Shift + Z on OS X, Ctrl + Shift + Z on Linux/Unix))
Recreates a maximum of 100 editing actions that were undone by the Undo function.

Copy and Paste Actions

The typical copying and pasting actions are available with shortcuts or in the contextual menu (or the Edit menu):

Cut (Ctrl + X (Command + X on OS X))
Removes the currently selected content from the document and places it in the clipboard.
Copy (Ctrl + C (Command + C on OS X))
Places a copy of the currently selected content in the clipboard.
Paste (Ctrl + V (Command + V on OS X))
Inserts the current clipboard content into the document at the cursor position.
Select All (Ctrl + A (Command + A on OS X))
Selects the entire content of the current document.

Moving XML Nodes

You can use the following shortcuts to move XML elements or XSLT variables up or down in Text mode:
Ctrl + Alt + UpArrow (Command + Alt + UpArrow on OS X)
Moves the node up one line.
Ctrl + Alt + DownArrow (Command + Alt + DownArrow on OS X)
Moves the node down one line.
Note: The requirements for these node moving actions to work are as follows:
  • The mechanism is designed to work without a selection. If you use these actions on a selection of content, it moves the entire selection. To make this mechanism work as intended, simply position the cursor somewhere on the line that you want to move.
  • A start tag must be the first text occurrence on the line where the cursor is positioned.
  • On the line where the element ends, only whitespaces are allowed after the end tag.

Miscellaneous Shortcut Actions in Text Mode

Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin also includes the following other miscellaneous shortcut actions in Text mode:

Ctrl + Delete (Command + Delete on OS X)
Deletes the next word.
Ctrl + Backspace (Command + Backspace on OS X)
Deletes the previous word.
Ctrl + W (Command + W on OS X)
Cuts the previous word.
Ctrl + K (Command + K on OS X)
Cuts to end of line.
Ctrl + Single-Click (Command + Single-Click on OS X) or F3
Use this shortcut to open any of the following:
  • Any absolute URL (URLs that have a protocol), regardless of their location in the document.
  • URI attributes such as: @schemaLocation, @noNamespaceSchemaLocation, @href and others.
  • Open the target for DITA references (such as a @conref, @conkeyref, @keyref, and more). [Only F3 works for these types of references]
  • Processing instructions used for associating resources, xml-models, xml-stylesheets.
Ctrl + Shift + Y (Command + Shift + Y on OS X) (Document > Edit > Toggle Line Wrap)
Enables or disables line wrapping. When enabled, if text exceeds the width of the displayed editor, content is wrapped so that you do not have to scroll horizontally.