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You can configure Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin options using the Preferences dialog box.

To open the preferences dialog box, go to go to Window (Eclipse on Mac OSX) and choose Preferences > Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin.

Figure 1. Eclipse Preferences Dialog Box

Click the icon or press F1 for help on any preferences page.

You can restore options to their default values by pressing the Restore Defaults button, available in each preferences page.

A filtered version of the Preferences dialog box is available by selecting Options from the contextual menu in the editor. It displays an appropriate preferences page according to the context where the action was invoked and filters the tree on the left according to where the preference page is located in the hierarchy.

Figure 2. Eclipse Preferences Dialog Box - Filtered Version

Preferences Directory Location

A variety of resources (such as global options, license information, and history files) are stored in a preferences directory (com.oxygenxml) that is in the following locations:
  • Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10) - [user_home_directory]\AppData\Roaming\com.oxygenxml.author
  • Mac OS X - [user_home_directory]/Library/Preferences/com.oxygenxml.author
  • Linux/Unix - [user_home_directory]/.com.oxygenxml.author