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Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin lets you control how files are opened and saved. To configure the options for opening and saving documents, open the Preferences dialog box and go to Editor > Open/Save.

The following options are available:
Open section
Format document when longest line exceeds
Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin will create line breaks if the characters in a line exceed the specified value. You can choose one of the following:
  • Always format
  • Never format
  • Always ask
Save section
Check errors on save
If selected, Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin runs a validation that checks your document for errors before saving it.
Save all files before transformation or validation
Saves all open files before validating or transforming an XML document. This ensures that any dependencies are resolved when modifying the XML document and its XML Schema.
Performance section
Clear undo buffer on save
If selected, Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin clears its undo buffer when you save a document. Thus, modifications made prior to saving the document cannot be undone. Select this option if you frequently encounter out of memory errors when editing large documents.