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When Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin formats and indents XML documents, a whitespace normalization process is applied, thus replacing whitespace sequences with single space characters. Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin allows you to configure which Unicode characters are treated as spaces during the normalization process.

To configure the Whitespace preferences, open the Preferences dialog box and go to Editor > Format > XML > Whitespaces.

This table lists the Unicode whitespace characters. Select any that you want to have treated as whitespace when formatting and indenting an XML document.

The whitespaces are normalized when:
  • The Format and Indent action is applied on an XML document.
  • You switch from Text mode to Author mode.
  • You switch from Author mode to Text mode.
Note: The whitespace normalization process replaces any sequence of characters declared as whitespaces in the Whitespaces table with a single space character (U+0020). If you want to be sure that a certain whitespace character will not be removed in the normalization process, deselect it in the Whitespaces table.
Important: The characters with the codes U+0009 (TAB), U+000A (LF), U+000D (CR) and U+0020 (SPACE) are always considered to be whitespace characters and cannot be deselected.