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Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin includes a built-in XML to PDF transformation with CSS scenario type for generating PDF output using a CSS-based processor.

To configure the options for the CSS-based processors, open the Preferences dialog box and go to XML > PDF Output > CSS-based Processors. This preferences page includes the following options:

Oxygen PDF Chemistry Section

If selected, the directory of the Chemistry processor will be automatically detected. This is based on the system's PATH environmental variable. If none is detected, it will use the path of the built-in distribution.
Custom installation directory
Use this option to select an external directory of a custom installation of the Chemistry processor.
Memory available to the processor (MB)
Specifies the maximum amount of memory that is available for the transformation. If your transformations fail with an Out of Memory error (OutOfMemoryError), you can use this option to select a bigger value for the amount of memory reserved for the process.
Generates PDF/UA-1 output
Use this option to produce output that conforms with the PDF/UA-1 accessibility standards.
Note: This mode has some special requirements. For example, all fonts have to be embedded and the title of documents must be marked using the metadata. For more information, see Oxygen PDF Chemistry User Guide: Fully Accessible PDF (PDF/UA1).
Show console output
Allows you to specify when to display the console output log in the message panel at the bottom of the editor. The following options are available:
  • When build fails - Displays the console output log only if the build fails.
  • Always - Displays the console output log, regardless of whether or not the build fails.