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Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin supports syntax highlighting in the Text mode editors for numerous types of documents, including XML, XHTML, JavaScript, XQuery, XPath, PHP, CSS, LESS, Markdown, Text, , and more.

To configure syntax highlighting, open the Preferences dialog box and go to Editor > Syntax Highlight.

To set syntax colors for a language, expand the listing for that language in the top panel to show the list of syntax items for that type of document. Use the color and style selectors to change how each syntax item is displayed. The results of your changes are displayed in the Preview panel. If you do not know the name of the syntax token that you want to configure, click that token in the Preview area to select it.
Note: All default color sets come with a high-contrast variant that is automatically used when you switch to a black-background or white-background high-contrast theme in your Windows operating system settings. The high-contrast theme will not overwrite any default color you set in Editor > Syntax Highlight preferences page.

The settings for XML documents are also used in XSD, XSL, RNG documents and the Preview area has a separate tab for each of them when XML is selected in the top pane.

The Enable nested syntax highlight option controls whether or not content types that are nested in the same file (such as PHP, JS, or CSS scripts inside an HTML file) are highlighted according to the color schemes defined for each content type.