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General Contextual Menu Actions

For relational databases, the following general actions are available in the contextual menu of the Data Source Explorer view, depending on the node where it is invoked:

Performs a refresh on the selected node.
Disconnect (available on Connection nodes)
Closes the current database connection. If a table is already open, you are warned to close it before proceeding.
Configure Database Sources (available on Connection nodes)
Opens the Data Sources preferences page where you can configure both data sources and connections.
Edit (available on Table nodes)
Opens the selected table in the Table Explorer view.
Export to XML (available on Table nodes)
Opens the Export Criteria dialog box .

Database-Specific Contextual Menu Actions

In addition to the general contextual menu actions in the Data Source Explorer view, the resource level nodes in PostgreSQL connections include the following additional contextual menu action:
Resource Level Nodes
Compares two selected resources.