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This installation method can be used for running the TCP license server on any platform where a Java virtual machine can run (OS X, Linux/Unix, Windows).

Figure 1. TCP Floating License Server (All-Platforms Distribution)

Installation Steps

  1. Ensure that a Java runtime version 6 or later is installed on the server machine.
  2. Download the license server installation kit for your platform from the Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin website.
  3. Unzip the installation kit into a new folder.
  4. Start the server using the startup script from a command-line console.
    The startup script is called licenseServer.sh for OS X and Unix/Linux or licenseServer.bat for Windows. The following parameters are accepted:
    • licenseDir - The path of the directory where the license files will be placed. The default value is license.
    • port - The TCP port number used to communicate with Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin instances. The default value is 12346.
    Example: The following is an example of the command line for starting the license server on Unix/Linux and OS X:
    sh licenseServer.sh myLicenseDir 54321
  5. Floating licenses require activation prior to use. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the license activation process.