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You can easily arrange sections in your XML document in the Grid mode by using drag and drop actions.

You can do the following with drag and drop:

  • Copy or move a set of nodes.
  • Change the order of columns in the tables.
  • Move the rows from the tables.

These operations are available for both single and multiple selections. To deselect one of the selected fragments, use Ctrl + Single-Click (Command + Single-Click on OS X).

While dragging, the editor paints guide-lines showing the locations where you can drop the nodes. You can also drag nodes outside the Grid editor and text from other applications into the Grid.

Tip: When using drag and drop to reorganize the document, the resulting layout can be different from what you expected. For instance, the layout can contain a set of sibling tables that can be joined together. To force the layout to be recomputed, you can use the Refresh Selected action that is available in the contextual menu and in the Document > Grid Edit menu.