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Used to specify that a particular element should be considered a link.

Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin allows you to declare some elements to be links. This is especially useful when working with many documents that reference each other. The links allow for an easy way to get from one document to another. Clicking the link marker will open the referenced resource in an editor.

To define the element that should be considered a link, you must use the link property on the :before or :after pseudo-element. The value of the property indicates the location of the linked resource. Since links are usually indicated by the value of an attribute in most cases it will have a value similar to attr(href)

Example: DocBook Link Elements

The following elements are defined to be links on the :before pseudo-element and their values are defined by the value of an attribute.
    content: "Click " attr(href) " for opening" ;

    content: "Click to open: " attr(url);

    -oxy-link: attr(targetdoc);
    content: "Click to open: " attr(targetdoc);