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Used to specify whether or not tag markers are displayed.

Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin allows you to choose whether tag markers of an element should never be presented or the current display mode should be respected. This is especially useful when working with :before and :after pseudo-elements, in which case the element range is already visually defined so the tag markers are redundant.

The property is named -oxy-display-tags, with the following possible values:
  • none - Tags markers will not be presented regardless of the current display mode.
  • default - The tag markers will be created depending on the current display mode.
  • inherit - The value of the property is inherited from an ancestor element.
    Value: none | default | inherit
    Initial: default
    Applies to: all nodes(comments, elements, CDATA, etc.)
    Inherited: false
    Media: all 

Example: -oxy-display-tags Property

In this example, the para element from DocBook uses a :before and :after element and its tag markers will not be visible.
    content: "{";

    content: "}";

    -oxy-display-tags: none;
    margin: 0.5em 0;