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Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin gathers information from the associated schemas (DTDs, XML Schema, RelaxNG) to determine the proposals that appear in the Content Completion Assistant. Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin also includes support that allows you to customize the Content Completion Assistant to suit your specific needs.

There are two ways to customize the Content Completion Assistant in Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin:

  • You can add, modify, or remove actions that are proposed for each particular document type (framework) by using the Content Completion subtab in the Document Type Association configuration dialog box. To access this subtab, open the Preferences dialog box , go to Document Type Association, use the New, Edit, Duplicate, or Extend button, click on the Author tab, and then the Content Completion subtab.
  • You can use a cc_config.xml configuration file that is specific to each document type (framework) to configure the values that are proposed in certain contexts, to customize the attributes or elements that are proposed, or to customize how certain aspects of the proposals are rendered in the interface. The rest of the topics in this section explain how you can use this configuration file to customize the content completion.