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Oxygen XML Author Eclipse plugin allows you to organize your XML-related files into projects. This helps you manage and organize your files and also allows you to perform batch operations (such as validation and transformation) over multiple files. Use the Navigator view to manage projects, and the files and folders contained within.

Creating a New Project

To create a new project, select New > XML Project or New > Sample XML Project from the contextual menu or File menu. This opens a dialog box that allows you to create and customize a new project and adds it to the structure of the project in the Navigator view.

Adding Items to the Project

To add items to the project, select the desired document type or folder from the New menu of the contextual menu, when invoked from the Navigator view (or from the File menu). You can also create a document from a template by selecting New > New from Templates from the contextual menu.

Using Linked Folders (Shortcuts)

Another easy way to organize your XML working files is to place them in a directory and then to create a corresponding linked folder in your project. If you add new files to that folder, you can simply use the Refresh (F5) action from the toolbar or contextual menu and the Navigator view will display the existing files and subdirectories. If your files are scattered among several folders, but represent the same class of files, you might find it useful to combine them in a logical folder.

You can create linked folders (shortcuts) by dragging and dropping folders from the Windows Explorer (Mac OS X Finder) to the project tree, or by using the contextual menu from the location in the project tree where you want it added and selecting New > Folder > Advanced. The linked folders presented in the Navigator view are marked with a special icon. To create a file inside a linked folder, use the contextual menu and select New > File (you can use the Advanced button to link to a file in the local file system).
Note: Files may have multiple instances within the folder system, but cannot appear twice within the same folder.

For more information on managing projects and their content, see Navigator View.