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When you create a new transformation scenario or edit an existing one, a configuration dialog box allows you to customize the transformation with various options in several tabs.

The Parameters tab allows you to configure the parameters that are accessible as Ant properties in the Ant build script.

The table displays all the parameters that are available in the Ant build script, along with their description and current values. You can also add, edit, and remove parameters, and use the Filter text box to search for a specific term in the entire parameters collection. Note that edited parameters are displayed with their name in bold.

Depending on the type of a parameter, its value can be one of the following:
  • A simple text field for simple parameter values.
  • A combo box with some predefined values.
  • A file chooser and an editor variable selector to simplify setting a file path as the value of a parameter.
Note: To input parameter values at runtime, use the ask editor variable in the Value column.
Below the table, the following actions are available for managing parameters:
Opens the Add Parameter dialog box that allows you to add a new parameter to the list. You can specify the Value of the parameter by using the Insert Editor Variables button or the Browse button.
Opens the Edit Parameter dialog box that allows you to change the value of the selected parameter or its description.
Removes the selected parameter from the list. It is available only for new parameters that have been added to the list.