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When you create a new transformation scenario or edit an existing one, a configuration dialog box allows you to customize the transformation with various options in several tabs.

The Output tab contains the following options:

Allows you to specify the file to open automatically when the transformation is finished. This is usually the output file of the Ant process. You can specify the path by using the text field, the Insert Editor Variables button, or the Browse button.
  • In System Application - The file specified in the Open text box is opened in the system application that is set in the operating system as the default application for that type of file (for example, in Windows PDF files are often opened in Acrobat Reader).
  • In Editor - The file specified in the Open text box is opened in a new editor panel with the appropriate built-in editor type (for example, if the result is an XML file it is opened in the built-in XML editor).
Show console output
Allows you to specify when to display the console output log in the message panel at the bottom of the editor. The following options are available:
  • When build fails - Displays the console output log only if the build fails.
  • Always - Displays the console output log, regardless of whether or not the build fails.