Edit online

Depending on the type of edits, the following markup appears in the document source code when you activate the Track Changes feature:
Edit Type Processing Instruction Start Marker Processing Instruction End Marker Attributes
Insertion <?oxy_insert_start?> <?oxy_insert_end?> author, timestamp
Split <?oxy_insert_start?> <?oxy_insert_end?> author, timestamp, type="split"
Surround <?oxy_insert_start?> <?oxy_insert_end?> author, timestamp, type="surround"
Deletion <?oxy_delete?> _ author, timestamp, content
Comment <?oxy_comment_start?> <?oxy_comment_end?> author, timestamp, comment, mid
Attribute Change <?oxy_attributes?> _ id, type, oldValue, author, timestamp

If a comment intersects another, the @mid attribute is used to correctly identify start and end processing instruction markers.