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The toolbar of the Syncro SVN Client SVN Repositories window contains the following actions:

Check out
Checks out a working copy from a repository. The repository URL and the working copy format must be specified.
Synchronizes the current working copy with the repository.
Update All
Updates all resources of the working copy that have an older revision that repository.
Commit All
Commits all resources of working copy that have a newer version compared to that of the repository.
Refreshes the whole content of the current working copy from disk starting from the root folder. At the end of the operation, the modified files and folders that were not committed to repository yet, are displayed in the Working Copy view.
The selected resource is compared with:
  • The BASE revision, when the selected resource is:
    • Locally modified and the All Files view mode is currently selected (no matter if there are incoming changes).
    • Locally modified and there are no incoming changes when any other view mode is selected.
  • The remote version of the same resource, when remote information is available after a Synchronize operation (only when one of Modified, Incoming, Outgoing and Conflicts view modes is selected).
  • The working copy revision, when the selected resource is from the History view.
Show History
Displays the history of the selected resource (from the Working Copy or Repository views) in the History view.
Show Annotation
Displays the annotations of the selected resource. The selected resource can be in the Working Copy or the History views.
Revision Graph
Displays the revision graph of the selected resource. The selected resource can be in the Working Copy or the Repositories views.
Enable/Disable flexible layout
Toggles between a fixed and a flexible layout. When the flexible layout is enabled, you can move and dock the internal views to adapt the application to various viewing conditions and personal requirements.