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To configure options regarding Relax NG, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to XML > XML Parser > Relax NG.

The following options are available in this page:
Check feasibly valid
Checks if Relax NG documents can be transformed into valid documents by inserting any number of attributes and child elements anywhere in the tree.
Note: Selecting this option disables the Check ID/IDREF option.
Checks the ID/IDREF matches when a Relax NG document is validated.
Add default attribute values
Default values are given to the attributes of documents validated using Relax NG. These values are defined in the Relax NG schema.
Ignore "data-" attributes in XHTML
This option is selected by default, which means that when XHTML documents are validated with an RNG schema, any data- attributes detected in the document will not be taken into account by the validation engine.