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To configure the Working Copy preferences, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to SVN > Working Copy. The options in this preferences page are specific to SVN working copies and they include the following:
Working copies location
Allows you to define a location where you keep your working copies. This location is automatically suggested when you checkout a new working copy.
Working copy administrative directory
Allows you to customize the directory name where the SVN entries are kept for each directory in the working copy.
When loading an old format working copy
You can instruct the SVN client to do one of the following:
  • Always ask - You are notified when such a working copy is used and you are allowed to choose what action to be taken (whether or not to upgrade the format of the current working copy).
  • Never upgrade - Older format working copies are left untouched. No attempt to upgrade the format is made.
    Note: SVN 1.6 and older working copies still need to be upgraded before loading them.
Enable working copy caching
If selected, the content of the working copies is cached for refresh operations.
Automatically refresh the working copy
If selected, the working copy is refreshed from cache. Only the new changes (modifications with a date/time that follows the last refresh operation) are refreshed from disk. This option is not selected by default.
Allow moving/renaming mixed revision directories
If selected, Oxygen XML Author will allow you to move or rename a directory even if its child items have a different revision. Otherwise, an error message is displayed when there are multiple revisions to avoid unnecessary conflicts. It is recommended to leave this option deselected and to Update the subtree to a single revision before moving or renaming it.
When synchronizing with repository
The action that will be executed automatically after the Synchronize action. The possible actions are:
  • Always switch to 'Modified' mode - The Synchronize action is followed automatically by a switch to Modified mode of Working Copy view, if All Files mode is currently selected.
  • Never switch to 'Modified' mode - Keeps the currently selected view mode unchanged.
  • Always ask - The user is always asked if they want to switch to Modified mode.
Application global ignores
Allows you to set file patterns that may include the * and ? wildcards for unversioned files and folders that must be ignored when displaying the working copy resources in the Working Copy view. These patterns are case-sensitive. For example,*.txt matches file.txt, but does not match file.TXT.