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To configure document validation options, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Editor > Document Validation. This page contains preferences for configuring how a document is checked for both well-formedness and validation errors.

The following options are available:
Maximum number of validation highlights
If a validation generates more errors than the number specified in this option, only the errors up to this number are highlighted in the editor panel and on the stripe that is displayed at the right side of the editor panel. This option applies to both automatic validation and manual validation.
Validation error highlight color
The color used to highlight validation errors in the document.
Validation warning highlight color
The color used to highlight validation warnings in the document.
Validation info highlight color
The color used to highlight validation info messages in the document.
Validation success color
The color used to highlight the success indicator of the validation operation in the vertical ruler bar.
Always show validation status
If this option is selected, the current validation error or warning is always visible in the message line at the bottom of the editor panel. This is useful when the Enable automatic validation option is selected and the vertical scroll bar changes position due to an error message being displayed.
Enable automatic validation
This causes the validation to be automatically executed in the background as the document is modified in Oxygen XML Author.
Delay after the last key event (s)
The period of keyboard inactivity before starting a new validation (in seconds).

At the bottom of the preferences page you can choose whether or not the saved options will be shared with other users by selecting Global or Project storage options.