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To register a Named-User License or Subscription License on a machine owned by the Named User, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a license from the Oxygen XML Author website. You will receive an email that contains your license key.
  2. Save a backup copy of your email message that contains the new license key.
  3. Start Oxygen XML Author.
    If this is a new installation of Oxygen XML Author, the registration dialog box is displayed. If the registration dialog box is not displayed, go to Help > Register.
    Figure 1. License Registration Dialog Box
  4. Select Use a license key as the licensing method.
    Note: If your license key has 20 or more licenses, you must use a license server instead.
  5. Paste your license key into the registration dialog box. The license key is composed of nine lines of text between two text markers.
  6. Click OK.