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The floating license type is commonly used by organizations that have a large number of infrequent users who do not need to use Oxygen XML Author all at the same time. Instead of each user having their own individual license key to use at their discretion, there are a pool of licenses that are used one at a time by various users upon request.

To use floating licenses, a license server is required and the license key needs to be activated. Your system administrator will most likely be responsible for setting up the license server. Then you will need to request a floating license from the server. This process is designed to help you comply with the Oxygen End-User License Agreement (EULA). This means that the license key will be locked to a particular license server deployment, and the same license key cannot be used with any other license server.

For information about releasing and returning a floating license to the pool for other users, see Releasing a Floating License.

For information about reserving (or locking) a floating license so that it does not get returned to the pool, see Reserving a Floating License.