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The History dialog box presents a list of revisions for a resource. It is opened from the dialog boxes that require setting an SVN revision number, such as the Check Out dialog box or the Branch / Tag dialog box. It presents information about revision, commit date, author, and commit comment.

Figure 1. History Dialog Box

The initial number of entries in the list is 50. Additional revisions can be added to the list using the Get next 50 and Get all buttons. The list of revisions can be refreshed at any time with the Refresh button. You can group revisions in predefined time frames (today, yesterday, this week, this month), by pressing the Group by date button from the toolbar.

The Affected Paths area displays all paths affected by the commit of the revision selected in history. You can see the changes between the selected revision and the file's previous state using the Compare with previous version action, available in the contextual menu.