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Oxygen XML Author includes an Insert Reusable Content action that allows you to easily insert a reusable content component that you created using the Create Reusable Component action.
CAUTION: This action is only designed to insert reusable components created using the Oxygen XML Author Create Reusable Component action. It assumes certain things about the structure of the reusable content file that may not be true of reusable content created by other methods and it may not provide the expected results if used with content that does not have the same structure.

The Insert Reusable Content action creates a DITA @conref to insert the content, and creates a parent element for the @conref attribute based on the type of the reusable element in the reusable component file. This action ensures that the correct element is used to create the @conref. However, that element must still be inserted at a point in the current topic where that element type is permitted.

To insert a reusable component that was created using the Create Reusable Component action, follow these steps:

  1. Place the cursor at the insertion point where you want the reusable component to be inserted.
  2. Select the Insert Reusable Component action that is available in the DITA menu or the Reuse submenu of the contextual menu.
    The Insert Reusable Component dialog box is displayed.
  3. Locate the reusable content file that you want to insert its content.
  4. If you select Content reference in the Insert as drop-down list, the action will add a @conref attribute to the DITA element at the current location. If you select Copy in the drop-down list, the content of the reusable component file will simply be pasted at the current location (assuming the content is valid at the current location).
  5. Click Insert to perform the action.