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Oxygen XML Author includes a built-in transformation scenario that is designed to convert DocBook content to DITA. This transformation scenario is based upon a DITA Open Toolkit plugin that is available at sourceforge.net.

To convert a DocBook document to DITA, follow these steps:
  1. Use one of the following two methods to begin the transformation process:
    • To apply the transformation scenario to a newly opened file, use the Apply Transformation Scenario(s) (Ctrl + Shift + T (Command + Shift + T on OS X)) action from the toolbar or the Document > Transformation menu.
    • To customize the transformation or change the scenario that is associated with the document, use the Configure Transformation Scenario(s) (Ctrl + Shift + C (Command + Shift + C on OS X)) action from the toolbar or the Document > Transformation menu.
  2. Select the DocBook to DITA transformation scenario in the DocBook 4 or DocBook 5 section.
  3. Click the Apply associated button to run the transformation.

    Step Result: The transformation will convert as many of the DocBook elements into equivalent DITA elements as it can recognize in its mapping process. For elements that cannot be mapped, the transformation will insert XML comments so that you can see which elements could not be converted.

  4. Adjust the resulting DITA composite to suit your needs. You may have to remove comments, fix validation errors, adjust certain attributes, or split the content into individual topics.