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You can copy resources from various locations of the working copy. You select them in the Working Copy view and then use Copy to from the contextual menu. This is not a simple file system copy, but an Apache Subversion command. It will copy the resource and the copy will also have the original history. This is one of the important features of Subversion, as you can keep track of where the copied resources originated.

Based on the selected items, the Copy to action is available only if it can be performed. Even if the operation would not normally be possible in SVN (due to some invalid local file states against copy), Oxygen XML Author performs the copy operation as a simple file system operation. This means no SVN versioning meta-data is affected.
  • If you copy an item to a directory that is not under version control (unversioned or ignored), the history of the item is not preserved. For example, when copying directories, all items inside them will also be copied without history.
  • If you copy a directory that contains external items, these are not copied. This is specific for SVN 1.7 working copies only. To fetch the external items, use the Update operation on the copied directory.
In the Copy to dialog box, you can navigate through the working copy directories to choose a target directory, to copy inside it. If you try to copy a single resource you are also able to change that resource's name. For versioned items, you can select Ignore resource history to copy them without their history (similar to a simple file system copy).
Note: The Copy to dialog box only presents all the local directories that are a valid destination against the copy operation, based on their local file status. Also, the working copy settings are taken into account.

In the Commit dialog box, only the directory in question will appear without its children.