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A Content Completion Assistant, similar to the one available for XML documents offers the CSS properties and the values available for each property. It can be manually activated with the Ctrl + Space (Command + Space on OS X) shortcut and is context-sensitive when invoked for the value of a property. The Content Completion Assistant also includes code templates that can be used to quickly insert code fragments into CSS stylesheets. The code templates that are proposed include form controls, actions, and Author mode operations.

The properties and values available are dependent on the CSS Profile selected in the CSS preferences. The CSS 2.1 set of properties and property values is used for most of the profiles. However, with CSS 1 and CSS 3 specific proposal sets are used.

The profile CSS 3 with Oxygen extensions includes all the CSS 3 standard properties plus the CSS extensions specific for Oxygen XML Author that can be used in Author mode.

Proposals for CSS Selectors - After inserting a CSS selector, the content completion assistance will propose a list of pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes that are available for the selected CSS profile.

Proposals for @media and @import Rules - After inserting @media or @import <url> rules, the content completion assistance will propose a list of supported media types.