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To bundle Workspace Access plugins that are developed for the standalone application with the Oxygen XML Author Component, follow these steps:
  • The bundle-plugins module must contain the additional plugin directories in the dropins subdirectory. The content must also contain a plugin.dtd file. Copy the plugin.dtd file from an [OXYGEN_INSTALL_DIR]\plugins folder.
  • In the class that instantiates the AuthorComponentFactory (for example the ro.sync.ecss.samples.AuthorComponentSample class), call the methods AuthorComponentFactory.getPluginToolbarCustomizers(), AuthorComponentFactory.getPluginViewCustomizers(), and AuthorComponentFactory.getMenubarCustomizers(), obtain the customizers that have been added by the plugins and call them to obtain the custom swing components that they contribute. There is a commented-out example for this in the AuthorComponentSample.reconfigureActionsToolbar() method for adding the toolbar from the Acrolinx plugin.
Important: As the Oxygen XML Author Component is just a subset of the entire application, there is no guarantee that all the functionality of the plugin will work.