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Is it possible to split the paragraph on Enter instead of showing the content completion list?


Yes, it is possible by creating your own custom operation.

To obtain this behavior, follow this procedure:
  1. Create a custom Author mode operation that handles the split. You can use the AuthorDocumentController.split API to achieve this.
  2. Create a JAR library that contains its compiled version.
  3. Open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences), go to Document Types Association, and select your framework.
  4. Click Edit and in the Document Type configuration dialog box, go to the Classpath tab and add a reference to the JAR library for your custom operation.
  5. Go to the Author tab, then go to the Actions subtab.
  6. Click the New button and use the Action dialog box to create your own paragraph split action.
  7. Make sure you assign Enter as the Shortcut Key and specify your custom operation in the Operations section.

Result: Now, when you press Enter, your Java operation will be invoked to split the paragraph instead of opening the Content Completion Assistant.

Tip: The Content Completion Assistant can still be invoked by using the Ctrl+Space keyboard shortcut.