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Named User is defined as an individual full or part-time employee who is authorized by You (the individual or entity who owns the rights for Oxygen XML Author) to use the software regardless of whether or not the individual is actively using the software at any given time. To avoid any doubt, Named User licenses cannot be shared among multiple individuals and separate Named User licenses must be purchased for each individual user.
A Named User license may not be reassigned to another employee except in the following circumstances:
  • (a) Upon termination of the Named User’s employment with your company.
  • (b) Permanent reassignment of a Named User to a position that does not involve the use of the Software.
For example, suppose Jane has been assigned an Oxygen license and she leaves your company. When she leaves, you can simply reassign her license to John, her replacement. In the event that you do reassign the Named User license in accordance with the restrictions above, you do not need to notify Syncro of such a reassignment.
Note: This definition is taken from the Oxygen XML Author End-User License Agreement.