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With the introduction of the Publishing Template concept in Oxygen XML WebHelp Responsive plugin version 20.0, the old WebHelp output template formats (version 19.1 and older) are no longer supported. However, they can be easily converted to the new format by following this procedure:
  1. Set Oxygen XML WebHelp Responsive plugin to point to the DITA-OT distribution that contains your old template:
    1. Go to Options > Preferences > DITA.
    2. Select Custom in the DITA Open Toolkit section and specify the DITA-OT directory that contains your old template.
  2. Edit a WebHelp Responsive transformation scenario.
  3. Select your old custom template in the Templates tab.
  4. Click on the Save Template as button, complete the required fields, and save the template.
  5. Edit the WebHelp Responsive transformation scenario again.
  6. This time, use the Choose custom template button to select your old template.
  7. Save the scenario and use it to generate the WebHelp Responsive output.