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Pressing the button in the WSDL File Opener dialog box (menu Tools > WSDL SOAP Analyzer) opens the UDDI Registry Browser dialog box.

Figure 1: UDDI Registry Browser Dialog Box

The fields of the dialog box are as follows:

  • URL - Type the URL of an UDDI registry or choose one from the default list.
  • Keywords - Enter the string you want to be used when searching the selected UDDI registry for available Web services.
  • Rows to fetch - The maximum number of rows to be displayed in the result list.
  • Search by - You can choose to search either by company or by provided service.
  • Case sensitive - When selected, the search takes into account the keyword case.
  • Search - The WSDL files that matched the search criteria are added in the result list.

When you select a WSDL from the list and click the OK button, the UDDI Registry Browser dialog box is closed and you are returned to the WSDL File Opener dialog box.