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In the Content Completion subtab you configure what framework-specific the Content Completion Assistant proposes. The subtab is divided in two sections: Available actions and Current actions.

To open the Content Completion subtab, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences), go to Document Type Association, use the New, Edit, Duplicate, or Extend button, click on the Author tab, and then the Content Completion subtab.

Available and Current Actions

The Available actions section presents a table that displays the actions defined in the Actions subtab, along with their icon, ID, and name. The Current actions section holds the actions that the Content Completion Assistant proposes when you work with a document belonging to the edited framework. To add an action in this section as a sibling of the currently selected action, use the Add as sibling button. To add an action in this section as a child of the currently selected action use the Add as child button.

The following actions are available in the Current actions section:
Edits an item.
Removes an item.
Move Up
Moves an item up.
Move Down
Moves an item down.

Filter Table

The Filter section presents a table that allows you to add elements to be filtered from the Content Completion Assistant or from some specific helper views or menus. Use the Add button to add more filters to the table, the Edit button to modify an existing item in the table, or the Remove button to remove a filtered item. The Add and Edit buttons open a Remove item dialog box.

Figure 1: Remove Item Dialog Box
Use this dialog box to add or configure the elements that will be filtered:
Item name
Use this text field to enter the name of the element to be filtered. The drop-down list also includes a few special content completion actions that can be filtered (<SPLIT> and <ENTER>).
Remove item from
You can choose to filter the element from any of the following:
  • Content Completion Window - The element will not appear in the Content Completion Assistant.
  • Elements View - The element will not appear in the Elements view.
  • Element Insert Menus - The element will not appear in the Append Child, Insert Before, or Insert After menus that are available in certain contextual menus (for example, the contextual menu of the Outline view).
  • Entities View - The element will not appear in the Entities view.